Stroll through the site of the last battle of the infamous War of the Roses…

The Battle of Stoke Field took place on 16 June 1487 and was the last, often forgotten, battle of the War of the Roses.

A self-guided tour, with information panels along the route, is available for visitors to gain a unique insight into the deadliest battle of its time, which took the lives of up to 7,000 soldiers.

The walk, which takes approximately 1.5 hours, gives a sense of the overall character of the battle site, the tactical opportunities opposing forces were faced with and enables visitors to consider the various possible interpretations of the action.

Stand at the Red Gutter, thought by some to be named after the blood that ran down it, and visit the church of St Oswald’s, where its believed villagers climbed to the top to witness the spectacle and bloodshed. The church has been on the site since the 13th Century and further information about the battle can be found in the commemorative displays.


Trent Ln, Newark NG23, UK